Apgujeon Myeon-ok

2021. 5
APGUJEONG MYEON-OK is a brand created to make popular of Pyongyang Naengmyeon and to suggest a new food culture by combining traditional Korean food with western wine pairing culture. It used to be thought as a food enjoyed only by minority because of its delicate flavor. The biggest obstacle to make it popular was the old-fashioned dining space and the prejudice that it is food for elderly people. APGUJEONG MYEON-OK’s mission is to keep the core value of delicious it with a modern atmosphere, elegant space, and a new and creative food culture. Through "Visualization of Taste," we want to show the value of the brand to consumers.

Slash corp.
Brand Design. Yohan Yoo, Yoonjin Bae
Illustration. Kyung-eun Ko

iF Design Award 2023. Winner