ARK Beer

2021. 8
ARK is a beer and lifestyle brand that presents a new craft culture. As the first-generation craft beer brand in Korea, we wanted to present ARK's subculture of freedom. One the beer label, there are two main characters that represents the brand, - "Bati" with the motif of an ARK beer bottle and "Hora", an animal that represents Korea, tiger. Through the two characters, the label shows artistic and free atmosphere. We aim for a bold concept by vivid and intuitive color selection and product's features.

Slash corp.
Brand Design. Yohan Yoo, Kyung-eun Ko, Jaeseok Jang.
Illustration. Kyung-eun Ko
Marketing. Kyungwon Son, Wonji Bae, Hyunjin Cho, Kwan-woo Kim

iF Design Award 2023. Winner